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Thank you for your Service

Being a Veteran Owned Business, Dawson Aviation understands the current challenges today's Veterans have to overcome in their search for a career after service. We here at Dawson Aviation are committed to paying it forward and helping yesterday's Marines, Soilders, Sailors, and Airmen become tomorrow's Aviators in our Veteran to Career Pilot Program. 



Due to recent regulations the Major Airlines are starving for qualified pilots to fly their routes. This has in turn lead to some of the highest wages the industry has ever seen for Airline Captains and First-Officers. Learn more about how you can become part of this highly lucrative industry by contacting us at 972 977 2123. Also check out this awesome article.


We have partnered with Sallie Mae, Bank of America, AOPA, and Wells Fargo to find some of the best rates for your Flight Training Loans. Contact us at 972 977 2123 to learn more about financing your flight training today!